The Upcoming World of AI

Artificial intelligence according to my perspective is the intelligence expressed by machines. Some machines are designed in a way that it depicts the human brain and it’s functions. Human brain is made up of neural networks, which are essential in performing multiple activities. We as humans perform various activities like learning from the past, predicting the future from the learned experience, interpret the results and act according to our conclusions. AI machines are build to simulate these functions. These machines collect data related to a particular field, they learn from the data, use the learnings to predict the future and interpret the results.

We use Artificially Intelligent machines in our day to day lives. Is it not necessary for us to know about these incredible innovations. Here are plenty of examples to excite you!!!


This is familiar to most of us. Drones are unmanned devices that use human like eyes to capture the objects in every situation. The uses of these devices are infinite. They are used in

  • Aerial Photography – It can be used to spot Forest fires and take immediate action to stop them, thereby rescuing nature and wildlife.
  • Shipping and Delivery – E commerce giants use Drones for shipping and delivery to reduce manpower. They are able to locate the products 20 times faster than human beings and also reduce the risk of dislocation.
  • Precision Agriculture – Drones are used to detect crop health and they are used in effective management of the crops. Within few years, almost 80% of agriculture depends on Artificial intelligence and drones.
  • Search and Rescue – They are used as rescue missions in case of natural or man made calamities. It locates the lost persons in the car of unfortunate victims, supply food, medicine and water during emergency situation.

Virtual Assistants

These machines are also called as chatbot, which are increasing their emphasis in all the fields. Do you think we haven’t used them yet. I am giving you examples, which recalls your experience with them.

  • Alexa – These are intelligent personal assistants with smart speakers and voice It is used for hearing NEWS, music playback, voice interactions, make a To do list, real time information about Weather, sports and Traffic.
  • Google Assistant – They serve the purpose of guiding us when we drive using the interaction with Google maps, schedule meeting, set alarms in the user’s device.
  • Siri – These are devices that use natural language processing to perform user defined functions such as searching the internet, navigation of areas.



In the upcoming articles, we will get to know the future of the world with Artificial Intelligence.

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