Perception of N Jacinth Deborah,B.E

Creativity is an integral part of the music that involves our soul and heart. Life without tones would be completely unfilled. A cheerful music will automatically make us happy and energetic. An enthusiastic rhythm acts as uplifter in elevating the sagging spirit. Music seems to be a mysterious healer that soothes the soul. It is the art of expressing the emotions which are left unsaid. Emotions act as the centralized theme for soulful music. It is the effective propose through which everything lives connected. Listening to music lessens the level of stress.

A motivational song will ease the exhausted mind. Our choice of music portraits our personality and core beliefs. The musical rhythm reflects as a great influencer that re-align our mood, a happy song will truly lift our soul and sad music is more emotionally powerful than a joyful track. Each heartbeat pattern mimics the beat of the music we listen to. Learning to play a musical instrument beautify the mind’s capacity to grasp tasks concerning language skills, attention, and memory. A glad tune has the energy to mold a person’s character.

Music paves the way for different emotions, a smooth tune will bring happiness and peace and a rough track would give us amusement whereas a fast driving music helps to stay alert and focused. A joyous music can improve our quality of life. Sometimes music stirs up our old memories even though we don’t have the intension of recollecting them, it brings back our old emotions that hit at that moment. Music therapy seems to provide a fantastic and efficient linkage between medicine and music. It’s said that people listening to similar music tends to have better communication. Music serves as the best stress reliever, it creates a positive emotion that energize our mood. A calming tune would heal the mental health instantly. So when you are feeling down just go for the upbeat track it will make a charm to your life.

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