Application development – its importance

-Rujuta Joshi

Open up your Smartphone, what do you see? An assortment of different applications that cater to each and every one of your needs. From shopping apps to food delivery apps from songs to movies everything you possibly might need ever in your Smartphone, just one touch away. Applications are a great way to develop your business and promote it in itself. It provides the customer with ease and they can look at all your products and ideas just through an application. Everyone you see nowadays has a mobile phone whether it is a vendor or a big businessman, and that mobile has the resources t develop and promote your business in a way that it reaches your target audience easily. People read newspapers less and use their smart phones more. An AD in the newspaper might go unnoticed but a website, an application that is being used by millions and can be downloaded by anyone at anytime definitely won’t go unnoticed. Promoting such applications on social media websites like face book or instagram earns more interested public especially the youngsters. 

Importance of mobile apps to users:

  • Purchase becomes easy –  

You must have seen website like Amazon and myntra also have an application and might have wondered that if they have a website already why do they need an application? Apps make process easier for users. To buy something on a website you first have to open the browser than search for the website , open the website , login every time , search for what you want to order and then order it. It becomes a lengthy process. While if you already have an application for it downloaded you just have to open the app log in just one time and order what you want to order. You’re tracking details. Wish list FAQs all are available on just one platform and that to 24/7 acing it easier for the user to access.

  • Notifications – 

If you have ordered through a website you won’t be getting constant notifications about where your order has reached and how much more time will it take to reach you, while in an app notifications give constant updates about your order. Applications help the business man t stay constantly in touch with his customers, through notifications he can inform them or talk to them about important meetings or agendas.  Events like products launching, sales etc can be conveyed through notifications.

  • One click away- 

Websites ape time to open while applications are just one touch away. Everything and anything you need, available at your finger tips providing ease of living for the users.

  • Schedules- 

Before applications people used to have assistant to make their appointments or to take appointments. With the development of apps there is no third party, you can easily schedule or appointments using the apps and it will inform the intended person. These reduce the risk of human error and third party interference.

Mobile App Download and Usage Statistics (2020) - BuildFire

You can see in the above graph amount of time a person spends on an application. It has increased over the years drastically. And it will continue to increase. Apps are becoming more user friendly than ever and thus a favorite among people. It is very important to have your business as an app. to further understand this read the following points –

  • Improves brand value – 

Mobile apps are like your personal platform, you can do anything you like to do with them and make them as attractive as possible to your customers. You can add features to them to make them more interactive, fun and interesting but at the same time provide ease of use to them. Making your own design for the app makes a brand that is reinforced in every customer’s mind that interacts with it , thus every time they see any such combination or design they will think of your company first thus making it a brand in the market.

  • Value and loyalty to the customers-

Owners can have a direct connection to their customer through the app. They can give discounts, coupons and sales to the clients easily. Apps can have 24/7 helpline number or chat box to answer their queries. They can ask anything at any time without any constriction thus increasing their faith in you and your value as a brand in them.

  • Increases your visibility-

Mobiles are the most used devices and making it as a marketing scheme can be hugely beneficial. Since people use it every day they can see your app and its image will be fresh in their mind. They can also suggest it to their friends who can again easily find it on platforms like play store or pasture and come to know about your brand. Thus it will increase your visibility among the public. 

  • Acts as a social  platform-

Social media is everything nowadays. Every brand is promoting itself through social media. Once you make a page there and start promoting yourselves more and more people will know about you and will download your app. 

  • You can do whatever you wish

It’s your own app. You can out as much price you want, give discounts and sales as you wish no one will judge you for it. You don’t have to look at what others are doing instead you can do as you want and make your app as you have thought.

  • Increases customer base 

Your app is going to be there when you are not. New customers will come daily and all the information they need they will find in your app, they won’t have to go through other people or resources to understand about your business all they need to do is download your app.

  • Increases sales and profits

As more customers will know about you more of your sales will increases, thus eventually increasing your overall profit. Even in the middle of night when you are not available your app will be thus increasing the customer value and your sales.

Internet and smart phones have revolutionized the world. Businesses have taken upon them to promote and expand themselves while taking into consideration this new technology. Making an easy, attractive and interactive app might seem difficult to few but lots of platforms online offer their services at a small fee. Freelancers and organizations help you make an app, set it up and promote it. Thus decreasing your stress about making an app while increasing reach out to customers at the same time. Not many people read the newspaper nowadays or listen to the radio but everyone has a Smartphone and they use it everyday every minute thus making an application for your business will definitely take you to the next level.


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