How to build a successful career

-Rujuta Joshi

You must have always heard your elders saying “10th is most important make sure to get good marks. After that everything is fun” And then “12th is more important than 10th, it will decide your future study hard. After that everything is fun” And then “ stay focused in college it will decide where you get a job after that everything is fun,” and all these constant fake promises of “after that everything is fun” might become a bit too hard for you. You might get confused in the path and diverted when the pressure from everyone around you increases. Even you want a successful career but how to build one you are clueless about. Does just studying hard and getting good marks make a successful career or do we need other qualities too? A question most of the youth is confused about. Of course we can’t exactly show you the path of success as ultimately it lies in your hand but we can always help you. The following article contains tips and tricks on how to get a successful career.

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  1. Identify your goals\purpose –

Identifying your goals should be the first step you ever take. If you want to be in the science, math or arts stream is a decision you take very early, and the day you take that decision you make a partial goal, your horizon of options decreases. Once you choose what course to take in your college your goal becomes clearer to you. Though this is not where the journey will end, you will have to take other important decisions in your life which will either take you closer to farther from your goal. So it is always good to be clear about what you want from life. You should be able to identify your passion and follow it. There are people aiming to go in the IITs and they start preparing from heir 8th standard because their goals are clear, it helps them make the important decisions that may lead them towards success in life. Determination is one of the most important qualities.

Many people are often confused about what they want o do and than in the pursue to  find a career path they lose focus and start doing different jobs at the same time , and thus not being able to excel in one job but getting around average in all this stops their success drastically. If you start doing something that you don’t love you will lose interest and dedication and in your run to prove yourself you might fall down. It might take time for you to identify your goals but it is worth it.

  1. Have a career plan ready –

Once you know what your career is going to be or what you want to become, make a plan to achieve that goal. People with a plan know what they need to do and when they need to do it. What courses they have to study, what skills they might need, how much finance they will need to achieve that goal, and what jobs should they do. Each step they organize in such a way that it takes them just up in the career ladder and helps them make good decisions. While people who don’t have planned find it difficult to make decisions and some wrong decision might alter the path to their goal. So it is very important to have a career plan ready.

  1. Have a professional resume ready –

Whenever you will apply for a job, you will have to send in your resume at first. It will be the first impression that the employer will get of you. Make sure your resume tells enough about you for them to know that you are the one they are looking for. But at the same time it should not be too cramped up with information, it should have an ease to read and should look professional. Don’t put many creative ideas in it unless you are a graphic designer or have a similar job. Make sure that the resume is customized to each job, out only the information that is necessary for that job. Making a resume seems a difficult job, with the entire context to keep in mind and the pressure to make it just right makes people anxious. To help you make a resume, professional resume writers are available online who take a very menial fee and help you make the perfect resume that might help you in your career path.

  1. Know your strengths –

Identify your strengths and play with them. Knowing your strengths may help you decide your goal. Always chose something that you are strong at as that will help you proceed further. Make sure you use your strengths in any field you go to it will always help you out. Strengths like a team worker, speaker, etc are useful in any occupations and will definitely help you. 

  1. Need to be responsible –

Once you advance on the path to your career learn to take responsibilities as they will come your way very often. You should know how fulfill them properly and how to not fall back. If you ever do a mistake take responsibility for it as no one likes a dishonest person. Take responsibility for your actions. Mistakes, losses, feelings decisions etc. taking responsibilities will determine your growth and self esteem .never blame others for what you did , be an adult when you enter the world of jobs and learn to behave and act like one.

  1. Make sure your standards are high – 

Everyone has a different value. The way you think, speak, act, believe, behave and treat others show your standards. If you want your quality of life to be good male sure your standards are to. Once you aspire to achieve high standards you won’t content yourself for something less. Don’t worry about how to raise your standards, you need to have the confidence to do so and eventually everything will fall in place. It will raise your quality of life and the way other people perceive you. Your superiors will look at you in a different way and your respect in the eyes of other people will increase. You will know not accept things that are not up to the standards and will have better way of thought processing and your ideas will also get bigger by time. 

  1. Connect with professionals

In any job or care path connections help lot. If you know professionals you will be able to get better advice from them. They might even help you in reaching certain points in life. They can ease your doubts and lead you in better directions. They can help you grab a job opportunity and let you know of other jobs. Having connections helps in the long run.

  1. Communicate effacingly-

Most people nowadays have a problem communicating with their coworkers, seniors or employees, thus they become unable to openly express themselves and their ideas remain suppressed. Develop a habit of being able to communicate with people as it helps form connections between people, and helps make a positive impression of you.

The job market is in a ferocious competition nowadays everyone is running to achieve success and sometimes this run becomes to stressful and confusing , at those times remember the above tips they will help you in the long run. Stay calm and focused. Work with dedication and determination and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

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