Importance of a resume

-Rujuta Joshi

The first thing that you do while applying for a job is sending in your resume, that small piece of paper might not seem that significant but it will be the first impression that the recruiter gets of you.  Companies get hundreds of resumes for one job position and since they do not have the time and resource to interview each person, they ask for resumes. From the piles of resumes they get they then have to individually look at each of the resume and then reject or accept them. A good resume helps you to stand out from the crowd and your chance to get selected increases. The recruiter takes only about 8-10sec to form his opinion about a resume, so it is important that your resume should be pleasing to look at and must contain all the information the employer might need to consider you for the job. You need a resume as-

  • It will be the first impression of you-

The recruiter will see you through your resume. It is on you how you present yourself as the most appropriate candidate for the job through that very important piece of paper. So how do you want to represent yourself in front of your employer? Crinkled & boring? Meticulous & precise? It will all rest on your resume, so it is necessary for your resume to look the part and be the part. You can see the following resume image looks pleasing to the eye and a resume like this will help increase your chances.

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If you were a recruiter and saw a resume like this won’t it convince you to think that the person whose resume this is is an organized individual who knows what professionalism is and acts upon it appropriately? Properly differentiated information in neat columns with only the necessary information and no extra unnecessary info makes a mark on the employer and instead of the trash your resume has a chance to sit in the pile of selected candidates.

  • Resume relays information about you-

A resume contains all the information about you. It shows from where you have studied, what were your grades, what past experiences you have had, what companies you have worked for, what exceptional skills you have & what are your future goals. It tells the employer all that is necessary about your past, present and your goals in the future.  It is your life’s history on a single piece of paper. But you have to know that you should not drag this history for long or the recruiter’s time might get wasted and he might become uninterested in thinking of you as the candidate for the job. It should be to the point and short but informational at the same time. The following resume as you can see relays all the information needed in an easy to read format-

Professional Resume Template Primo

Now you might think that you have low grades and putting them on the resume will make it look bad but not putting them will make it look like you think that grades are not important so make sure to put on your grades even though they are not that impressionable. 

  • It helps showcase your skills and confidence –

Nowadays employers don’t just look for good grades they even want to know about your skill sets and your ability to work in teams, manage leadership & communicate with confidence. For e.g. in a job like that of an HR your negotiation and communication skills need to be A level even though your marks are average. A person with top marks but poor communication skills will have a lesser chance than the person with better communication skills. Since your resume will be the first thing your employer knows about you adding all your skills that you have inherently or have learned through various jobs helps in enhancing your resume. It will help the employer know how you will be able to utilize this skills and your expertise in a way that it is beneficial to the company.

Also including the languages you speak helps the company know what is familiar to you and if you can talk to the locals properly or not. Also adding rating meters like the following resume helps them know how good are you at a language and how skilled at a skill.

How to Effectively List Professional Skills on Your Resume
  • It gives a glance of your career 

A good resume has all the information of your previous jobs and experiences and recommendation letters. It helps the recruiter see where all you have worked and what time you have worked for them. Letters of recommendations make them see why you are the best candidate for the job and what benefits they might gain from hiring you.  If you have worked for a big company that has a huge name in the industry it will give you extra credits in the eye of the employer. Sometimes we forget to write about lots of small or free lancing jobs we have had or we consider them not that important and don’t put them up in the resume but we never know such jobs might come out to be helpful and they maybe exactly what the employer was looking for. So make sure to not miss out on any of the career opportunities you might have had as they might be helpful in the long run


  • To highlight your achievements

You cannot wait for the employer to call you for an interview to showcase your achievements and awards; listing these in the resume would provide you with benefits. The employer will be easily able to distinguish your resume from those of the others on the basis of your achievements, awards like best employee help the recruiter notice that you have been appreciated officially in your previous job and it will prove your dedication to the work field and your hard work. The chances of a one on one interview will highly increase.

  • A simple resume –

You must wonder after saying so many things about what to have in a resume why now to have it simple? A resume should always have all the above mentioned details but it should not be in a clutter format. Including large images or designing it a lot won’t help much as the employer does not want to see you creativity; of course except if it’s a job like designing; the employer juts need a clear and concise resume filled with necessary details in an appeasing but not over-doing form. Also make sure to only send your resume and not all certificates and other documents unless asked for , as multiple page resumes are time consuming and are most likely to not be read whole so a one page simple but efficient resume should do the trick.  The following is an example of a professionally made but simple resume

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As you have seen through the above points how important a resume is you must now understand that having an impressionable resume is so necessary. You might worry that you do not have the resources or the proper knowledge of how to make such a resume but there are professional made resumes available online at a very menial fee. All you have to do is give the details and a readymade ideal resume is ready. A professional resume maker will be able to understand your need, your qualification, your skills etc and would be able to make a resume that meets your needs.

 In a world full of a fierce completion for jobs your resume should make a long lasting impression on the recruiter.


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