Key elements in a resume

-Rujuta Joshi

A resume is one of the most important document that helps you in transferring from a student to a possible candidate. Even though it looks like a just a piece of paper it holds more importanc than you can imagine. The pressure of writing a near perfect resume is high. It should tell the story of your past present and future but it should not drag it so much that the recruiter becomes uninterested. It should contain all the information about you but at the same time it should not be lengthy and bulky. It should be pleasing to the eye but should not contain many images or objects. It’s just one page but writing & designing this one page becomes a tiresome process. Here are some tips that might help you 


  • Name and contact info-

Your name should be the most highlighted part of your resume. It should be on the top in bold writing, it should be the first the thing that the recruiter sees. The next thing to put is your contact information as naturally if the recruiter needs to contact you for further information or to give you any updates it should be easy for him to do so. If your contact info is missing than there is 99% chance that your resume might get rejected. Put a professional looking email id and your mobile number. Also put your address if you are applying for out of state jobs. Make sure to not put many fonts and to keep it simple and clear to read.  Following is an e.g.:

resume header - the first thing you should put on resume
  • Professional title-

Nowadays it’s become a mandatory trend to write your professional title just underneath your name. It gives the recruiter a brief glance of your occupation before he dives into the whole detail of the resume. Make sure to not put big lines or quotes in the title column just write about your job in a word or two. Following is an e.g. –

resume contact section
  • Link to your websites or channels & your social media sites

If you are blogger, influencer , website designer or have any other occupation and have created any content make sure to put a link of it just after the contact info as the recruiter can than see and evaluate your work himself and it will give you an extra point.  Put links to LinkedIn, personal websites, blogs and YouTube channel if it is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Resume summary- 

Just under your title write a one or two line of the summary of your resume which includes your experience, your achievement and your future goal in two or three lines. Make sure that the summary is small but provides all the information needed as it takes an employer only 7 sec to judge a resume and that 7 sec determine if your resume will go into the garbage or in the selected pile so make that 7  sec worth it. Following is an e.g. of a resume summary-

professional summary in resume header

Your work experience

Now comes the body of the resume. Make sure to put your experience first and do not forget to put any small experience you have had as it might seem small to you but to your recruiter it can have a different effect. Try to put in a chronological order i.e. the job you had recently and than your earlier jobs. Make sure to put them in points and bullets instead of paragraphs as they will be easier t read when in points and won’t consume more of their recruiter’s time. Put it in a highlighted form as it is the core of your application. It tells your recruiter where all you have worked for how many months or years you have worked and how the company you worked from benefited you. To put you away from the crowd and increase your chances do make your experience column look pleasing but professional at the same time. First put the name of the company you worked for than the amount of time you worked for with them and what position where you on , what all were your responsibilities and how you helped the company in growing .

 Following is an e.g. of how you can put your experience in a proper form:

how to write work experience on a resume

Your education-

Your education should be next on your resume. It should also go in a reverse chronological order the most recent education to come first. Make diff points for every Diff School or college you have studied from. Under that point write about the degree you studied and how much grade you got. Even if your grades are not that impressive don’t forget to write them.  Write about any awards or achievements you have got during studying under that point of the education. Your higher secondary and college graduation are the most important points.  So make sure to write about them.

Following is an e.g.

how to list education on resume

Your skills-

Try to put skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for and will be useful to it.  Since there are two types of skills i.e. soft skills & hard skills mention both of them in different criteria. Soft skills are your personal attributes like leadership, problem solving ability, team worker etc. and hard skills are the skills that you have learned through various courses or through your educations like skills in computer programming or designing skills. Never lie about your hard skills as it might cost you your job as soft skills are transferable you can be lenient about it. You can also put skills in a rating form like the below resume –

hard skills on resume

The languages you know – 

If you know more than one language or if you are in a job that requires you to communicate often with locals or general public make sure to list the languages you know and to how much ability you know them. Knowing a local language and a worldwide known language helps you put in the good eyes of the recruiter. Companies nowadays value candidates that know more languages especially international companies


You can add a different column for your achievements and awards also put that in a reverse chronological order and in points. You can also create a column for all the projects you have done and do put them in bullets. You can also add your hobbies or your extracurricular activities.

Following is an e.g. of a full ideal resume:

500+ Good Resume Examples That Get Jobs in 2020 (Free)

The above points should help you make a presentable resume. We know it’s hard and it may take lots of work and an eye for proper designing. If you wish to escape all this cumbersome work you can opt for a professionally made resume that is available online for a very little fee. A professional writer does all the research and work for you all you have to do is give them the information to be put in your resume and tell them about the type of job you are applying for as it helps them understand you better and customize your resume accordingly. A perfect, meticulous & informative resume can take you far in your career.


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