Mistakes to avoid in a resume

-Rujuta Joshi

A resume is a small summary of all your details that the company might need of you to hire you. Since it will be the first impression that they get of you have to make sure that you avoid any mistakes and make the resume look methodical. If you are nervous about writing a resume and what mistakes to avoid maybe the following article will help you- 

A bulky paragraph-

Recruiters don’t have time to read paragraphs since they have lots of resumes to go through in a day; they skim through all the applications and look for mostly keywords in them. If you write bulky texts in your resume it will take up lots of the recruiter’s time and he may even not read it fully and toss it away. Always make sure to write in small points that make it look more formal and presentable. Many recruiters nowadays use software that scans your resume for keywords and selects it. If you put everything in a paragraph it is most likely to miss out on your skills and the keywords it needs. For adding proper keywords look at the job description they provided and the keywords they used. Add those keywords in your resume for better eligibility. Following is an example of a bulky resume you should avoid-

Resume In Paragraph form Elegant Federal Resume Template 8 Free Word Excel  Pdf format in 2020 | Job resume examples, Cover letter for resume, Job  resume samples

Don’t put much of your personal information –

A resume should contain your skills and history in detailed form, not your personal information. Biodata contains lots of information about your personal life, a resume does not. 

It should only contain your name, contact info and age unless asked for do not put other unnecessary information on your resume. It may form a negative impact on the employer and can be risky for you if suck information gets leaked. The following is a type of resume containing lot of personal information try to avoid it.

Sample Of Resume Format For Job Application - Resume Templates | Job resume  format, Job resume, Resume format examples

Spelling and grammar errors-

One wrong letter can ruin your reputation and your resume. It will give a really bad impression on the employer and your resume will lie in the trash can. Always check and recheck your resume, yourself and make others check it for you. Even online websites like grammerly are available to help you out. Never compromise on the grammar or spelling part of your resume, it shows your knowledge of the subject and your awareness. Following is a resume that has many mistakes, read it carefully and avoid doing the same thing –

These 5 resume mistakes tell me you're not right for the job in 2020 |  Resume, Spelling lessons, Resume help

Avoid any fabrication-

A lot of people have the tendency to lie in their resume. This might make them look superior in front of the employer but when it gets caught it becomes disastrous for them. It may even ruin their whole career path as no one likes liars. Never lie in your resume, don’t make up hard skills that you don’t have or experiences you never went through, languages you don’t know and jobs you never had. If some day the recruiter needs any of your skills that you lied about and you can’t provide them with it than it will ruin your reputation and will have you fired.

Do not write about the reasons you left a job-

The employer does not want to seek the reasons for you leaving the job, and if they have any doubts they would ask you themselves. But never write why you left a job or how unsatisfied you were with it, even though it was not your fault ; it will leave a negative impact on the recruiter and we want him to feel good after seeing our resume not feel bad. So evade such topics.

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Avoid putting much creativity-

Unless you are graphic designer, or someone who’s putting a bit of artistry in the resume would showcase their skills don’t do so. A resume is a formal piece of document, putting lot of expressive text and images might make you look unprofessional. Make sure that the text you put is not very small and readable. Its color should also not clash with the background color and should look meticulous. The resume should not be straining to look at; it should be pleasing to the eye.  Following is a very colorful resume you should avoid

Nurse Resume Do's and Don'ts: 20 Tips for New Grads - NurseBuff

Irrelevant information-

A resume is more like a customized document for each job. You only put the skills and work history that will help you in getting hired. Do not put all the irrelevant information like hobbies or skills that have no use in that particular job, it will only take the recruiter’s time and not his attention. Do not add any picture of yours and the salary that you have had previously or you are expecting it gives the employer a negative impression of you. Do not add certificates r references if not asked for. You can always take these documents with you when you go for an interview. They will only increase your resume’s pages and the time your employer will take in reading it.

Hopefully the above article will help you in removing any mistakes that you might have made in your past resumes or were going to make in your future resumes. Of course a simpler way to make sure that your resume is to the point is to hire a professional to make it for you. They judge your requirement and your job type and make a resume for you accordingly at very low cost. They make sure your resume has no mistakes, is according to the job requirement, contains no irrelevant information and makes sure that the company knows that you are the best person for the job.


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