Tools used in website development

With internet progressing daily, going through different changes and phases the websites are developing and getting updated regularly. New trends bring new complex coding system for the developers to work with and with new codes new tools for making them are constantly developing. Developers need all the help they can get to create the codes and these tools help them do so efficiently. Since there are two types of website development.
1. Front end development
2. Back end development

The tools used for both of this are different though one or two maybe the same as both of this have different work to perform but at the same time to perform them in a coordinated manner so that the website works properly.

  1. HTML –

Click on any website, than right click on the browser, select view page source you will find a page of the following sort:

Screenshot (8).png

  This coding that you see is all HTML. You can see the first line where it starts with <html, this tells the   software that the Language we will be using will be HTML. HTML is mostly used by frontend developers to provide the structure and design to a website. HTML tells the website how to display any content ad what all to display.  HTML helps in inserting images, external & internal links and tells the computer where to go when a link is clicked.  HTML is the first basic language that programmers learn and is easy to understand.  HTML helps in making the frontend look more creative and make it more interactive.

  1. CSS-

CSS is another language that front end developers should be fluent in. it is used with HTML.  As HTML tells the page what to display CSS tells it how to display it. It helps in changing font colors, background colors, it helps in changing the size of the fonts and tells the page how big an element should be and where exactly it should be.

CSS is the “styling” tool.

  1. JavaScript-

JavaScript integrates in the HTML code to make the website interactive, responsive and attractive. Even though JavaScript is mostly a frontend development tool but nowadays full scale developers have started using it for backend too. JavaScript creates very specific content and helps in the working of links and opening other such sources.

  1. PHP-

It is a language used by back end developers mostly. It was in its peak of popularity in the last decade but has reduced a bit since the development of more easy to use tools. It is very easy to learn and use and so back end developers have been using it for years.

  1. JAVA-

It is one of the oldest programming languages. It is used to create websites and apps that have fast response and easy design. It is an essential language and a must learn for beginners. It is popular among websites like Amazon and eBay since it is very low maintenance.
Lets now look at some of the tools that backend developer’s need- 

  • Language and frameworks – framework is a set of pre-written codes and structures. The backend developer can use it according to his needs, while languages help to convert normal language into language that the computer can understand. Such languages are ruby, python, java etc.
  • Web servers- these are programs that store the WebPages. They process this WebPages and deliver it to the user. Some of the tools used are- apache and NGINX. 
  • DBMS – database management systems are programs they contain different databases they help the user to create edit or delete existing databases. MYSQL is used as DBMS and it works even when integrated with HTML. It has a speedy performance and is free to use.
  • Local development environments- such tools help developers to create and test their website on a local platform that is visible to only them. Thus before presenting it to the client they can make sure that the website works effectively and easily. Some of the tools used are PHP, MYSQL, apache etc.
  • Collaboration services- as backend and frontend developers work separately but they have t get-together when setting up the website it is important to have a platform where they can collaborate. Such platforms that help are- slack, asana etc.

Tools used for front end development are-

  • Code editor- since developers has to write lengthy line of codes such code editor help in reducing the task by providing shortcuts and editing. They help to navigate files, images easily and reduce the work of editors. EG- sublime
  • Chrome developer tools- these tools help in debugging the code all through performance analysis of the website. You can debug your HTML, CSS, java code in real-time saving time 
  • query-   even though java has been used since the beginning for front end development it is riddled with many inconsistencies and problems, jQuery helps in navigating such problems  and adding images, animations and plugins
  • bootstrap – sometimes coders have to write the same code over and over again it becomes tedious and time consuming. Applications like bootstrap help in removing such problems by adding model objects, plugins etc. they help in cutting down the code needed.
  • Angualr.js- just like HTML it helps the front end developers to work on the website but with much more ease. It extends the HTML’s syntax and creates a more expressive, readable and easy to develop environment.
  • VCS- version control system. Sometimes developer make mistakes and give a wrong code, applications like GIThub help them in rectifying such mistakes by making the code go to its previous state. It even has a bug tracking feature and task management ability.

With the development of internet new websites are opening daily coding them is cumbersome and tools like the above mentioned help take out some of the lengthiness of coding.


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