Difference between job and career

– Rujuta Joshi

You must have heard people talking about their job and the career they want to follow. And sometimes a question might arise in your mind that what is the difference between job and career as we talk of them interchangeably are they the same thing or are they different? Hopefully the following article will help you clear out your confusion.


  • A job is something you do to earn money and to fuel our livelihood. A job can be anything from mowing a lawn to becoming a manager. Any work that helps you in earning is called a job. 
  • Most people start by doing small jobs like delivering newspaper or becoming a barista and slowly climb the ladder to success. Some people start by opening their own business and then taking to the next level day by day. 
  • When you are a fresher, jobs that might not be related to the field you are aiming to go for might help you in the filling of your resume.
  •  Your job might not be what you wanted to do your whole life but it is important especially in the first few years as it helps you gather money and to live a comfortable lifestyle. 
  • You might have seen people earn loads of money in their youth and then quit their jobs to travel the world or to fulfill their passions.
  •  A person who hires in a job is called the employer and the person who gets hired is called the employee. In a job you have responsibilities, you have to come and go at a certain time, follow certain rules and work according to what the client or your senior authorities might want.
  • A job can be short term, which are people might do it for some time and then quit it to find something else. The pay when you are a newbie might be lower and require a lot of hard work but it all pays off when you have money and the necessities to reach your dream goal. A person will have multiple jobs in his\her lifetime each different and each leading them to what they desire.
  • You might get down crested thinking that this is not the job you wanted to do and that it is not fulfilling but every time you do at any job you learn at least something from it. You might have learnt new skills or you might develop certain qualities which might help you in the future.
  •  If you are continuously taking up jobs that are not in your career pathway or won’t lead up to it , try to avoid doing so as they might not help you that much even though you learn a skill or develop some interest. Try to take jobs that will take you up the success ladder.


  • A career is a series of job that you do over a time. It can be your passion and what you want to really become.
  •  A career is not formed overnight it takes years of jobs to lead up to a successful career. It is a long term goal of a person’s life, unlike a job it doesn’t change frequently and remains the same throughout the life.
  •  People might have to some non-career related jobs in the beginning to give a head start in their journey but eventually they start taking up jobs that help them advance in their career pathway.
  •  A person mostly fixes their career as soon as they are out of high school, they know what they want to become, and they pursue their studies in a manner that it helps them follow their dream career path.
  • In a career a person employs his knowledge, skills, education and competencies. All the knowledge that he might have gained in his jobs helps him here.
  • Career is not about just earning money it is about following your dreams and passion and looking into the future and seeing yourselves as what you want to be
  •  People pay more attention towards the job satisfaction rather than money in career. They learn new things, research about their career as much as they can, make good relations with clients or other parties create prospects for new opportunities. The career of a person depends on his history and his plans.
  • In a career you goal is not only to earn enough money but also get job satisfaction. Which in turn is useful to you as it provides less stressfulness and more calm.
  • A job might be small liking becoming a clerk but a career might be longer like getting promoted from a clerk to manger than a CEO etc.
  • A career requires formal training and education formerly as it helps learn skills and helps you in getting to know things better.
  • You might come home unsatisfied and sad from job that you don’t love but from a career that you love you will always come home happy and satisfied.
  • Building a career requires setting goals. You need to know in 5 or 6 years of time where you want to see yourself and work according to such goals.

The difference between career and job-

It is an addition of all the jobs that you have done in your lifetime to reach a particular goal.An activity or task that is done by an individual to earn livelihood and money.
It is a long journey of many years and different jobs that form a careerIt is a small role you play or work you do for a certain amount of time to fulfill your needs or your financial problems
It is something you love to do and have been aiming to do since you started out.
It should not necessarily be what you love or have a passion about but it helps you in learning skills and gaining experience.
You set goals to have a career since you leave high school. You know where you want to see yourself in the near future and work accordingly.
There are no such goals in a job. You do your work and sometimes even get rewards for it in form of promotions and raise
A set of skills and education need to be learned to achieve your career goals. Such education is learned from colleges and universities.A job also requires an amount of education but sometimes starting jobs or job s you o to just earn money like working as a retailer etc does not require any such education.
E.g. – becoming a scientist , engineer or doctorE.g.- a salesperson, baby sitter etc.

From the above table and the article you might have got to learn about the difference in a job and a career and how they are useful on their own. Even though both are inclusive of each other both have a different meaning and context. One offers you more money while the other satisfaction. It is important to form goals and plans to make sure that you have advanced in your life in both the aspects. Whether it is a job or your career pathway always make wise decisions and achieve the goal you have always dreamt of.


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