Emotional intelligence- why it is important

– Rujuta Joshi

When technology is taking all over the world we are becoming emotionless robots, even if we have some emotion it is locked deep down protected by a fortress of
nonchalantly. This in expression of emotions tends to bring negative thoughts in life. We become inconsiderate towards ourselves and others feelings. 

The need for emotional intelligence is higher now than it ever was as it brings a sense of sympathy and empathy in an individual. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be able to recognize your emotions and deal with them in a positive manner. It is becoming necessity for humanity to exist.  EQ helps in making an individual more confident and communicable. It reduces anxiety and makes the person more mature emotionally. They know how to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner such that it won’t harm them or people near them. 

Every day we see hundreds of people committing suicide and going into depression all of this id due to their lack of EQ , they are not prepared to deal with their emotions and take disastrous  steps just to remove the felling of hollowness from inside them. EQ helps stabilize your life, it bring harmony and purpose in it. As we take intelligence to be important and teach children to study and get well marks from the beginning its time to take EQ also seriously otherwise it may harm a person and scar them for life. 

EQ helps in your workplace also. With higher EQ we can work in teams better, provide better leadership and effectively manage tress and work load. Our relations with colleagues and team members get better and we can communicate easily with clients and customers. Our stress-free brain can much easily solve problems and get through difficult situations. EQ helps in climbing the success ladder.

Here are the five types of EQ –

  1. Self –awareness –

The ability to recognize our own emotions and understand them. Being self aware we know our strengths and weaknesses and the impact our emotions can have on others. For being self aware we need o embrace our feelings and avid negative thoughts like anxiety and panic and if we do get any such thoughts we handle them in a healthy way instead of shoving them down.  Self awareness helps cultivate confidence and self-respect. 

  1. Self – regulation –

People who are aware of their emotions are capable to regulate them. They don’t often throw anger fits or go into depression as they know what their emotion is and how they need to deal with it. People who have self regulation resolve conflicts easily, take responsibilities willingly and adapt to circumstances effortlessly. They don’t act on raw negative impulses in a destructive manner. People tend to make wrong decisions when emotionally charged. Self regulation prevents this and people have better decision making abilities as they are calm and know how to confront bad emotions.

  1. Motivation 

People with high EQ are highly motivated as they can clearly see their goals and talked steps to achieve them. They are more resilient and optimistic. They focus more on achieving internal peace and satisfaction rather than external praise. This helps focus them on themselves and motivates them to achieve their goals

  1. Empathy 

Empathy is ability to recognize and understand other people’s emotions and feelings and acting in a way that it doesn’t hurt them. People with empathy connect more easily to others and form more strong relationships whether it is personal or work related. Empathy allows us to understand how others feel and how the world works. It brings out the humanity in us.

  1. Social skills 

People with social skills are effective in communicating with other people and understanding them. It shows how many people genuinely are for and respect other people. They can communicate with others openly in a clear manner and are active listeners. Social skills is a sought after virtue nowadays and helps you in the workplace to come in the good looks f the employer.

Importance of emotional intelligence

Being able to understand and manage your emotions is the first step in realizing your true potential and going towards higher EQ. there was a time when we used to leave our emotions on the threshold before entering the workplace but nowadays more and more companies are focusing on making sure that their employees have a healthy and safe environment to work in and are able express themselves freely. Companies have come to realize that EQ helps in increasing their production and sales and keeps the relations between employers and employs healthy. EQ helps academic, social, mental and physical aspect to grow stronger and stronger over years.  Since people work in teams more often having EQ helps in communicating better and resolving conflicts peacefully. Companies even seek people with higher EQ than IQ. Salespersons and call operators having high EQ are able to understand the customer better and making them invents in their product becomes easier thus increasing sales for the company eventually

How to improve EQ

  • Reflect on your emotions – understand your emotions, become self aware. Realize when you react negatively to situations and when you lash out on your friends, family and colleagues. Getting to know such situations you become aware of your reactions and get better at controlling them.
  • Look for perspective- as you may know everybody has a different perspective. You may be seeing something for what it is not and getting all hyped up. Instead make a habit of asking the other person in what perspective they were saying this and what did they mean. This helps you in understanding their mental state and dealing with it in a proper manner.
  • Stop and think before you act out or say something. Always think a 100 times before saying anything keeping in consideration how the other person might feel. It might be hard at first and you might say something out loud in an impulse but with habit it will get better.
  • Develop empathy towards people, it’s not a one day job but you will learn slowly. Understand why someone is acting the way they are acting and instead of getting angry on them listen to them. It will help you understand everything better and with clear mind
  • Learn from criticism. No one likes criticism but instead of defending you and getting stressed out on it try and learn from it. You will evolve not only emotionally but also in the field that you were criticized.
  • Practice learning emotions, getting to know them and manage them. It won’t happen in a day or a week but eventually you will start getting results.

We can see that EQ has become an integral part of the society. Workplaces and social events all require EQ. it helps elevate our personality and traits, brings out our confidence and makes us fall in love with ourselves. Nobody can get a certificate in EQ it is something we have to understand ourselves and learn ourselves. It takes a lot of time and dedication but it pays off well as it helps us become better employees, colleges. Friends, spouses and overall a better person.


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