How to become a successful entrepreneur

-Rujuta Joshi

Everyday new and new buissnes are popping up on the market. New fashion sites, book sites, grocery sites etc are coming up on the internet. The compitietion is high for just one item there are hundreds of sites , hundreds of  options and different prices. To make your item stand out you have to make sure that you present it in a way that it attrats people, they will choose your idea other than the hundred available.
Every site or business always starts with a small idea in the head of a person. The way they make that idea come to life , develop it makes it successful. It always begin on a small level it’s the buisnessman’s dedication to that idea and his hardwork that makes it so successful.Steve jobs , Mark Zuckerberg  all started in their home with just one idea in their head. At that time everyone though they were silly but now we can see for ourselves how successful they have become all because they belived in their idea and dedicated to it. 

If you are looking to start a new business on a small level and take it up to a large level you will have to follow a plan. You will have to remain dedicated to it and you will always have to think ahead before taking any steps. A business is not easy its full of ups and downs but being able to navigate through them makes you a sensible business man.

it is the practice of creating, developing and running a newbuisness. In the process of starting a new business great risk is always involved. You have to first invest a certain amount of money to your business and make sure that you use it wisely so that you can reap the benfits later. There is always the risk of making more loss than profit but it is oemthing a buissness man always knows and should take into consideration. 

For people who don’t like being ordered or working under someone else, enterprenuership is the best option. It lets you be your own boss. You can work at hours that are convinet to you , you can work from wherever you like. But ofcourse the stress of the making enough profit is always present.

Enterprenuers are a source of economic development to the country itself. They bring income and work to their country , many developed countries like the USA owe a great deal of it to their buissnessman.

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Strategies to become a successful entprenuer

  • Intuition is always right- 

Trust your gut feeling. Its always right. When you know it you know it. Yes there are risks involved in a business but somehow you always know whats going to happen when you take a decision it maybe a happy feeling or a dreaful one. Many research has shown that your intuition  is almost always right , but we always dismisss it. You can develop it over time and you will always find out that it is an ally in hard situations. When you are in a meeting and you need to take a very big decision in just a moment’s notice your intuition will always come first before rational thinking.
It also helps you venture new ideas and test deep waters that you had never thought you would. If there is a business proposal with great risk involved but if you managed to complete it there are amazing benefits and your gut tells you to go get it than do it regardless of what others are sayong. You know whats best for your company and your intuition will always help you along the way.

  • Don’t let adversary bring you down

Since becoming an eprenuer is risk taking there will be times when you will want to leave it all. When there will be more money going in than coming out. People will start telling you that what a falure your idea has been. Those are the times when you need to believe in yourself the most and in your idea. Yes it might be in the pits right now but its your responsibility to take it out and make it fly again. Especially when the business has just started and you don not see much money coming in you might statrt to feel sad but remember all the successful people you see out there have gpne trough the sam e things you are going thrugh and they have come out stronger and so will you just believer and work hard to achieve your dream.

  • Let people talk-

People will always talk, they will be there when you are successful but they will be there more when its hard. They will say things about what you didi wrong, how you failed. They will discourage you, they will give advice but in the end its your venture, always listen to them maybe the advice is good but if not just block it away. You know what is good for your business and you know that it will succesd, you ness not listen to the negative opinions by other people. Remember that this people will also talk when you have become successful and that is the way you show them what you achieved. Let you success make the noise.

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