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-Rujuta Joshi 

People are working 34 hours a week right now, the field of jobs is hectic and always in a rush, wherever you see people are in a rush to gain success. In the race to earn more money people are forgetting and neglecting their personal lives. Its like they are just living for money and not themselves. When people don’t get what they had dreamt of achieving they get disappointed and a series of such disappointments might result into depression. 
You can see that every celebrity has been advocating peace giving methods like yoga, meditation etc, it’s because day by day new trends and technologies are coming the rush in the market is increasing and people are forgetting to take care of themselves. 
Work is important obviously but so is your personal life, you cannot focus on one and neglect the other. Personal growth is as necessary as work promotion, it helps you build your character and brings stability to your life. 

Here are some tips for work-life balance- 

  1. It does not have to be perfect-

There is nothing perfect in the world how can your work-life balance be? Don’t imagine that having a work life balance is like making profits at work and coming home to an ideal family and spending the evening with them. This is obviously perfect but not reality.
Your partner may be tired, the children might feel annoying, your boss might have scolded you anything is possible, you never know what might happen. So, making sure that you keep your cool in times like this and work out your problems shows stability of your mind. 
Someday you may work late hours, it’s okay but try to compensate that time spend working by spending equal amount of time with your family and friends. You need to remain open to all possibilities. 

You should always keep in mind your goals and set your priorities straight that is a key to a good work life balance.

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  1. Do what you love 

There are a lot of job in the spectrum right now. Each and everything you can ever dream of doing. There is a job which even pays for sleeping!  
Find what you love and would enjoy doing for the rest of your life. If you are doing something just out of pressure you are not going to be happy, you will dread coming out of bed every morning and every day will feel kite a laborious job. 
Find a job that makes you look forward to next day that way you will be satisfied with your work.
Being happy in your workplace will make you feel happy even when you return home and you will be able to maintain a peaceful balance. 

  1. Your health is very important 

If you are unhealthy you won’t be able to focus on your work. Your physical and mental health is equally important. 
If you have depression or anxiety make sure to see a therapist as soon as possible and always fit it in your schedule no matter what.
If you have some physical illness that might detain you from working don’t be afraid to call in sick and explain to your supervisor, they also know that it is better to have you fully focused than confused.
Don’t overwork yourself in any case it will only cause tiredness and stress which might prolong your disease.
Being healthy will make you a better employee and a better person. You will be more productive and happier. Your health is the foremost thing you should pay attention to.

  1. Breaks are necessary 

Unplug yourself from all the work and home stress for some time. Do new things, explore new places it helps refresh your mind. It can be a one Day trip or a three-week vacation its’s up to you. It will help you recharge yourself.
According to the State of American Vacation 2018 study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, 52% of employees had unused vacation days left over at the end of the year.
Employees fear that taking a vacation will mean having to stop their workflow and coming back to double work. This restricts them from taking long vacations but it should never stop you. 
After a break you might come back as a new man with ideas and goals that benefit you. You will become refreshed and will be able to work more productively.

  1. Have some boundaries 

Make sure you leave your work at your workplace. Don’t come home thinking about meetings and projects. Some people even if they leave their work will come home and start answering emails, talking to colleagues about office tasks. Don’t do that. 
Have a separate laptop for your work which you turn off when at home so you don’t find yourself sending emails at midnight.
When you work at home make sure you have set at what time you work and what time you spend on yourself. This way you can easily manage both work and your personal life.

  1. Give time to family 

You are an individual with a personal life of your own. Before you took this job, you had hobbies and do not leave this hobby on account of working. Pursue what you love, don’t give up on it. 
You should plan what time you are going to spend with your family and follow it, if you don’t plan such things its possible that you might not find time to other things out of work.
Your family love you and they will be there no matter what. Even when you lose the job that you are giving so much attention to right now your family will support you while your job will go on without missing a beat. 
Your family is your back bone remember that.

  1. Have goals and priorities 

Always have goals as to what you want to achieve in the following month and a plan on how to achieve it. Make goals not just for work but for personal growth too. If you have goal to spend 50 hrs a week working than make sure that you have goal of spending at least 30 hrs on your personal growth the other time with your family.

Make sure you know what your priorities are. Who comes first in your life and stick to it? It will help in the long run.

Work – life balance as working woman | by Heidra Eorgnam | Medium

Maintaining work and life is difficult sometimes you will get frustrated but achieving it finally will give you a sense of relief and satisfaction which you won’t have had before. When everything will be going according to your plan and you will have mental stability and proper health than you will be able to achieve anything you might have dreamt of.


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